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Did you know individuals crossing our borders often come from Honduras, Haiti, Cuba, Nicaragua, and other countries that have the absolute legal right to do so, according to U.S. Policy? So, many families make the perilous journey, sometimes for hundreds of miles. To escape violence and persecution, they cross our borders legally & sometimes illegally. Yes, immigrants are protected by our U.S. Constitution!

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To be eligible for asylum status they must have a fear of persecution because of their race, religion, nationality, or political opinion;. Once in our country, they can not be criminalized, turned back, or used for political stunts to attract attention. Also, remain with their children through the entire process.

The right to seek asylum into international law following the atrocities of WWII. Congress adopted key provisions of the Refugee Geneva Convention into U.S. immigration law when it passed the Refugee Act of 1980.

The IRC (International Rescue Committee) is deeply concerned with the transportation of asylum seekers to other cities around the county. Often without the proper planning, consent, or coordination.   


Without proper planning, it puts a burden on healthcare, housing, and so on. Congress needs to do a better job at working out these details with organizations planning and coordinating moving the asylum seekers to the agreed upon areas. 

Now for my input! I welcome anyone into this country with open arms long as all the correct processes are in place. I also feel government officials along our borders have every legal right to do what is necessary to protect those borders. Without fear of retaliation from our government, especially when the U.S. Congress is ultimately responsible for HOMELAND SECURITY, and must allocate the proper resources to our states along those borders. 

I have seen on the news individuals being removed from housing, then place asylum seekers in that same housing. So is displacing our own citizens the correct thing to do. Also, the governor of Massachusetts declared a state of emergency because of the rapidly rising number of migrants arriving in the state. We don't even declare a state of emergency for our citizens that are homeless and living on the our own country. DO YOU SEE A PROBLEM HERE??

They are also receiving free healthcare, we don't even offer free healthcare of any kind to our citizens unless they are on a government-assisted social program. Some unfortunately have committed crimes against our own citizens. One migrant that arrived in NYC, according to the NY POST, allegedly raped a mother while her 3-year-old child watched.

Also, our government has failed the migrants, when arriving at their destination, some have been left to sleep in the streets. This is a lack of poor planning and is not in the best interest of both the migrant's safety, and the safety of our own citizens. 

The good news, migrants can still pursue a job and work while their asylum case is pending. For now, some may work in the agriculture, restaurant, and hospitality industry. 

Remember some of us were refugees, or seeking a new country to call home. We should most definitely help out our fellow man/woman! But we must ensure policies and procedures are in place. We all want what's best for our families and loved ones. Also, we need to ensure fair, equal treatment to all., not just refugees, and asylum seekers. 

***More updates to this article to come!***

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