Sunday, July 30, 2023


From COVID-19 to Ukraine getting invaded by PUTIN and his Russian military, who don’t have a clue what they’re fighting for. Let’s also put it out there that we are the world’s number-one exporter of oil! Also, the number one oil producer in the world since as I can remember. I’m scratching my head as I write this.

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Gas in the United States remains close to $5 a gallon, and gas prices also remain high in Europe. The Biden Administration made every attempt to cut energy prices across the country by releasing more oil from the strategic petroleum reserves, also pleading with the Prince of Saudi Arabia to increase output to offset prices. But the goofball does not live here, he lives in a billion-dollar palace. He frankly does not give a shit about us. He’s home riding his camel POKI-CHUU!


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Gas prices as of late have not really decreased. In fact, it’s quite possible fuel will hit $150 dollars a barrel real soon, probably by the end of September. We have not seen prices that high since 2008, which could shock our economy and cause a recession.

Two reasons for all this bullshit pricing we are being brainwashed into believing. Also, there are other reasons we will not cover!

01) Consumption has held steady, and more people are on the go! They can’t stay home!

Consumer confidence is at an all-time high, consumers are buying in larger quantities.  People are spending like they won the lottery!

02) The way crude oil is made. All crude must pass through a refinery and go through a chemical process. Any changes to various manufacturing of various fuels and their output are expensive and costly.


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 We had a decline in fuel consumption during COVID-19, so my opinion is “Let’s make back all the cash we lost”. Although some refineries did shut down during the pandemic.

Believe me, there is still plenty of bullshit going around!

But oil consumption is increasing, causing a higher demand, and prices continue to go up, up, up!  OPEC makes a promise to increase output occasionally, then never follows through. It’s time to become dependent on our energy and tell OPEC and the Saudi Prince to take their oil and shove it up their ass and ride their camels off into the sunset!

We are the number one producer and exporter of this commodity; exporting is okay to other countries. But let’s keep what we need here to help the American People and our economy!

Saturday, July 29, 2023


Apparently, the “NATION OF CHINA," and or Chinese hackers, are planning to infect our country with malware. With the possible full intention of disrupting our military bases, by cutting off power and water. Also, cutting off all communication. Also, including American businesses and our homes.

picture by REUTERS


It is unknown if the Chinese government is fully aware of the situation. It’s possible, but I don’t buy it.

Congress and State Governors have briefed the utility companies of this threat! If this threat is carried out, communication, power, and computer networks would hopefully be restored in days.

picture by CSO ONLINE

It’s time we brought manufacturing and technology back to our country and stop depending on other nations. But as the United States, we have got lazy, and the Good Time Charlie mentality. We want the easy street, the big money, the big house, the fast cars. Without ever working hard, and for the good of our nation. We are self-centered, self-absorbed, and must have everything new nation. And it’s killing our economy, we send all our manufacturing to China, India, etc., 

When we could build our economy here, and put Americans back to work.  

We need to stop this behavior immediately. If we wish to have any chance of surviving as a nation. Time to cut off trade and ties with China, and figure this out!


Wednesday, July 26, 2023


So apparently, global warming does not exist to some present and former government officials.

Look at what happening to the ocean temperature in Florida!! I heard on the radio on the way into work that the water temperature was 101 degrees. The sea corals are also dying off. Definitely not good news for the environment, and ecosystem. Unfortunately we all overtime created this issue. We all may pay the ultimate price for stupidity, all we care about is the bubble we live in. Wake up! It's about to burst.

#globalwarming #climatechange


Tuesday, July 25, 2023


A new 2024 budget proposal may mean many government social programs possibly being cut, or down the road, taken away! They put these programs into place to protect the livelihood of our citizens during retirement & times of need. Also, big bucks come out of our paychecks each pay period to cover these programs. They are not government funded, are wonderful politicians in Washington DC, and throughout the country are trying to take this away. They are trying to steal money from all working Americans who have been paying into the system for years.

The Republican Party has claimed again and again that no cuts to Social Security and Medicare shall take place.


Guess what? The Republican Committee, in which ¾ of House Republicans are members. So, the 2024 proposed budget does call for cuts to Social Security & Medicare. It would accomplish this by raising the full retirement age for future retirees. They want to ensure Americans a modest adjustment but did not elaborate on what that new age for a new full retirement age would be.

On Medicare, the Republicans are requiring disabled Americans to wait longer. This could eventually turn Medicare into a Voucher Scheme! Making Medicare less affordable for many seniors across the country.

It seems fair to ask how much our government officials pay for health insurance.

They do such an honorable job for us, and have such great leadership, UGHHH!!

The answer is they apparently pay something, but not very much! Contrary to popular belief, Congressional Members do not get free healthcare! They enroll in an Obamacare Gold-Level Package, and they also receive a 72% government subsidy to lower their out-of-pocket cost.

So, I guess it works out for Congress and its staff paying about 28% out of pocket to cover their insurance premiums. Including free or low-cost care through “the office of the attending physician” as well as free medical outpatient care at “military facilities” in the D.C. area. Not a bad deal. As Americans, we should be entitled to the same healthcare as all politicians & congress, etc., Why not, as taxpayers we are footing the bill for it all?

So as American Citizens, we need to do whatever it takes legally to be heard! Write to our leaders, protest, and march in front of the state and government buildings, and on its sidewalks without obstructing others in their everyday life. Distribute flyers, and literature to others on your own property, and public sidewalks, and parks & plazas included. Chant or sing in protest to be heard. But under no circumstances can we cause a repeat of January 6th, when our former president sat by and watched it on television. Somehow, he caused a meltdown that day and is still waiting to be punished for his actions. People were injured and five deaths also occurred that day. Those individuals will never go home and see their loved ones again.

So, remember we have the absolute and given right to protest and have our voices heard in a peaceful and orderly fashion.

This act to cut Social Security Benefits and Medicare will affect our future lives. Also affects the lives of our parents, family members, friends, and neighbors. This is one step away from trying to strip us of the benefits that we all paid into for so long, and will continue to do so! I don’t know about everyone else, but I will fight and protest to get all the money back that I paid over the years while employed.

It's not our fault our government ran out of money to pay its bills, borrowed, and took money from Social Security with no intention of paying it back. During Covid, lots of individuals who were collecting benefits lost their life to this dreaded virus that was brought to us from another country being “China” which now destroyed our economy. Our great president during the pandemic did not control it or stop it. So, unfortunately, there should be less money being paid out, whose back pocket has that gone into funding some scheme?

So, we may know and be heard! This is something that needs to be investigated and stopped. It is our money and not the government’s to use for their personal projects.

Yes, the US Congress has stolen money from the Social Security Administration!


America’s top and most important social program is not in the best of shape. Social Security will experience a $13.9 trillion cash shortfall between 2035 and 2093. It’s also expected that $2.9 trillion in asset reserves will be totally exhausted. Will Social Security go bankrupt, how did we get into this mess? There is lots of misinformation about how this really happened. Go here to find out more:

First, there was talk that Congress from 1968 to 1990 that money was pilfered from America’s top social program.  Also, did you know that Social Security asset reserves are required by law to be invested in special-issue bonds?

But if you read further, by clicking on some links above, Congress may not be totally to blame. Lawmakers share their part in the responsibility also, they knew about the program’s shortcomings since 1985. Democrats and Republicans both have an answer for this debacle. One wants to raise the retirement age, and the other wants to raise taxes on the wealthy. I personally don’t care, but when it comes time for us to collect, the full amount of money we are entitled to collect better be there. Or my second choice, be prepared to pay back all the money we paid in, in full. There are many solutions on the table to fix this mess. Our leaders need to get their heads out of their asses and fix the mess that all our government officials who represent us in Washington created!!! 

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