Tuesday, August 1, 2023


To what extent should medical treatment go and would should it cover those individuals serving in our military? According to USA Today, the Pentagon spent nearly $8 million dollars to treat transgender troops in our military. It's not my decision, nor my place, to decide if they should serve in our military.

This is about the medical treatment those serving in our military are seeking. Medical treatment should be to save one life and enhance one's health or well-being. Medical treatment should not be used to change one's gender, whatever sexual orientation they identify with, and paid with American tax dollars.

Including anyone else who wants a medical procedure, unless as stated earlier: save one's life, or enhance one's health or well-being.  If 'ANYONE" wants a procedure that is not deemed necessary, we should not pay it with American tax dollars! You want the procedure: "YOU MUST PAY FOR IT OUT OF YOUR OWN POCKET".

Out of the over 1500 transgender troops, there were 161 medical procedures performed. Most are senior enlisted personnel, from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Public Health Service of both active duty and reserve force. 

picture from THE HILL

The military's transgender population should more than definitely should be entitled to and receive all medical treatment deemed necessary to protect their life. Or to enhance their overall health and well-being, not to change the gender they now associate with. It comes down to the improper use of our tax dollars for something that is unneeded, and totally unnecessary. If one wants to medically change their physical appearance to the sex they now identify with, you foot the bill yourself. Don't hand the bill to the taxpayers, and expect them to pay for it. When an individual is a normal, strong, healthy person.


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