Sunday, July 30, 2023


From COVID-19 to Ukraine getting invaded by PUTIN and his Russian military, who don’t have a clue what they’re fighting for. Let’s also put it out there that we are the world’s number-one exporter of oil! Also, the number one oil producer in the world since as I can remember. I’m scratching my head as I write this.

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Gas in the United States remains close to $5 a gallon, and gas prices also remain high in Europe. The Biden Administration made every attempt to cut energy prices across the country by releasing more oil from the strategic petroleum reserves, also pleading with the Prince of Saudi Arabia to increase output to offset prices. But the goofball does not live here, he lives in a billion-dollar palace. He frankly does not give a shit about us. He’s home riding his camel POKI-CHUU!


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Gas prices as of late have not really decreased. In fact, it’s quite possible fuel will hit $150 dollars a barrel real soon, probably by the end of September. We have not seen prices that high since 2008, which could shock our economy and cause a recession.

Two reasons for all this bullshit pricing we are being brainwashed into believing. Also, there are other reasons we will not cover!

01) Consumption has held steady, and more people are on the go! They can’t stay home!

Consumer confidence is at an all-time high, consumers are buying in larger quantities.  People are spending like they won the lottery!

02) The way crude oil is made. All crude must pass through a refinery and go through a chemical process. Any changes to various manufacturing of various fuels and their output are expensive and costly.


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 We had a decline in fuel consumption during COVID-19, so my opinion is “Let’s make back all the cash we lost”. Although some refineries did shut down during the pandemic.

Believe me, there is still plenty of bullshit going around!

But oil consumption is increasing, causing a higher demand, and prices continue to go up, up, up!  OPEC makes a promise to increase output occasionally, then never follows through. It’s time to become dependent on our energy and tell OPEC and the Saudi Prince to take their oil and shove it up their ass and ride their camels off into the sunset!

We are the number one producer and exporter of this commodity; exporting is okay to other countries. But let’s keep what we need here to help the American People and our economy!

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